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We are grateful you’re spending these few moments on our website getting to know us and what we are about. We are a passionate group of chefs that love cooking and offering the best service to our customers. Our company name is based on the combination of Gastronomy with the enhancement of the five senses.

The 5 Gastronomy food truck travels throughout Central Florida and serves chef and seasonal inspired dishes day and night. From our handcrafted perfect burger to our 48hrs braised pork tacos, and our weekly special business lunch, we promise to highly satiate the palates of our customers. Our high-end food will deliver a very affordable price point to all.

Our menu will forever evolve.

We get bored really easy!

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See you there tomorrow from 10AM to 1.30PM!
Beautiful day in Cape Canaveral! Our windows will be open till 4pm. Come join us!
We are preparing for tomorrow! Come see us in Cape Canaveral. our windows will be open from 9am to 4pm. See you...
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